The Bristol Robotics Laboratory (BRL) is a joint venture between the two Universities in Bristol. Our multidisciplinary approach aims to create autonomous devices capable of working independently, with each other, or with us. Consequently, it draws on robotics, electrical & mechanical engineering, computer science, psychology, cognitive science and sociology. Drs Caleb-Solly and Dogramadzi have been working on the development of user interfaces and safety since 2009. Dr Lenz has been working in advanced robotics since 2005 and Professor Pipe has over 20 years of experience in advanced robotics. Of particular relevance are our leading roles in the recently completed EU-funded projects "Cooperative Human-Robot Interaction System" (CHRIS) (Lenz, Pipe), MOBISERV (Caleb-Solly, Dogramadzi), INTRO (Dogramadzi, Pipe), Myorobotics (Lenz, Pipe), and the current EPSRC funded "Trustworthy Robotic Assistants" (Pipe). These projects form a large contribution to the proposed study.

BRL website: